Sorona® fabric help save the earth

Sorona® MAIZE Gaming Mousepad is made from 37% plant-based ingredients, the eco-friendy Sorona® polymer passes USDA-certified help reduce the dependence on oil and petrochemicals. Compared to nylon, Sorona® polymer uses 30% less energy and generate 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Fast Glide and Superb Stopping Power

The low static frictional force with low dynamic frictional force offers Sorona® MAIZE Gaming Mousepad a great balance between fast and smooth gliding and precise controlled movement.

E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision

Gaming grade surface offers high tracking precision that accurately translates every tiny movement of your mouse.

Non-Slip Rubber Base

Natural rubber provides great anti-slip strength that prevents any accidental sliding under the wildest mouse movement.


3-in-1 Multi-Function Notebook Pad

The 3-in-1 Pro notebook pad offers multi-function benefits in one single product.

  • Screen Cleaner The ultra-fine microfiber surface material is a safe and effective screen cleaner to wipe off dust and fingerprint from screen display.

  • Keyboard Protector The pad can be placed inside the notebook while on-the-go, letting the microfiber surface act as a screen protector.

  • Mousepad The pad is also an excellent mousepad that offers accurate mouse tracking.

Superb Anti-Slip

The PLUSH 3-in-1 Pro notebook pad uses silicone dots as its base and offers strong anti-slip strength to prevent slipping while working.


The PLUSH 3-in-1 notebook pad can be easily cleaned and washed, or thrown into a washing machine to wash and tumble-dried.



Smooth & Light Glide

The surface provides very smooth glide and great controllability, well blending of speed and control performance of your mouse that makes it ideal for any scenarios.

Superb Anti-Slip

The SLATE mousepad uses silicone as its base provide excellent anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under any kinds of mouse movement.

No More Rubbery, Chemical Smell

Unlike other natural rubber mouse pads that smell of pungent odor, The SLATE mousepad uses silicone as its material gives the mousepad a skin-friendly feature and avoid skin irratation. Super thin, lightweight and portable characteristics provides gamers with more comfort during playing or carrying around.