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Bisou Gaming Glass Mouse Pad

IE10-01 Bisou︱500x400mm

Bisou": Embrace the Game, Capture the Heart

Silent Symphony: A 10% More Serene Gaming Experience

Embark on an elegant dance with Bisou: Unmatched in the realm of glass gaming mouse pads, using Bisou offers an experience 10% quieter than other glass mouse pads, creating a genuinely serene gaming atmosphere.

Tender Touch, Anti-Slip Precision

Embrace skin-friendly texture for exquisite control, avoiding the overly slick feel seen in other products.

Surface comes with clean-cut skating

The well-deserved smooth operator. Unlike other speed pads with a sharky surface, Bisou tenderly offers a smooth, delightful glide, for prolonged gaming sessions without any discomfort.

Rigorous Testing, De l'amour de l'artisanat

100cm drop test without bits of breakage, Water Drop Angle: 110±5 degrees.

Hardness: 9H, Glass Strength: IK-07~08.

With "Bisou" — where elegance meets precision in a tender, silent kiss.


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