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Daedalus+ (2024) Gaming Mousepad

IA135 Daedalus+ (2024)︱490x420mm

Daedalus+ (2024) - The Crafted Convergence of Precision and Performance!

Uncompromising Precision

Unleash Daedalus's exceptional accuracy, ensuring every movement counts.

Slope Stitching

Embrace the artistry of elegant aesthetics at the edge, where durability meets aesthetics in a timeless design.

Unmatched Comfort

With fatigue-reducing cushioning, Alpha-Cell keeps gamers in the game longer, boosting endurance during marathon sessions.

Supreme Stability

Dominate with Alpha-Cell's T0 anti-slip base, the unwavering stability even in the heat of battle, allowing for precision moves without the worry of slipping.

Channel the spirit of Daedalus's ingenuity, rewrite strategy, and conquer the game with unmatched precision and performance.


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