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Euphoria Gaming Mouse Pad

IA124-Euphoria gaming mousepad

Transcending All Satisfactions and Leaving an Unforgettable Aftertaste.

Euphoria, Why Do We Experience It Only Now?

Where Gaming Transcends into Ecstasy.


1-1. Highlights:

 Quicker than a lightning bolt.

 Quieter than a ninja's whisper.

 Caresses with the gentle touch of your beloved summer breeze.

1-2. Tech Specs:

 Featuring Alpha-Cell® Gen2 for advanced performance.

 Honeycomb wizardry design for exceptional cushioning.

 Exclusive fabric with up to 20dBs noise reduction.

Manufacturer Information

2-1. Part Number: E-CenturyIA124

2-2. Material/Ingredient: Alpha-Cell® Gen2,

2-3. Remark:

 Meticulously designed for elegance and superior support.

 Swiftly surpasses Poron for a VVIP gaming lounge experience.

 Ensures a cool and comfortable gaming session with reduced noise.


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