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Formula Gaming Mouse


X-Y Tracking Consistence

Formula gaming mousepad is consistent friction on both X-axis and Y-axis, giving players who want consistent muscle memory control the most optimal performance. Additionally, the smooth touching fabric upgrade your comfort operation experience.

Exclusive Aeron Material

Exclusive base material, Aeron, is made of compound material that is lighter and softer than normal natural rubber mousepad. Compared to the 30-40 degree hardness of other pads, Aeron is 15 degrees hardness. Providing great stopping power & a superb comfort experience.

Exclusive Flat-Stitched Edge

Compared to the ordinary stitched edges, E-Century's exclusive flat-stitched technology remarkably reduces uneven edges and discomfort and prevents fraying.

Anti-Slip Base

Unique Aeron material provides great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under the wildest mouse movement.


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