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Gala Wristrest with Tetra-Cell

IK57-01 | Gala Wristrest

Where Style Meets Comfort.

Excellence Hypo-allergenic

The minimum skin irritation as the best choice for sensitive user. Boasting a smoothness no less than silicone-like, all at an unbeatable price.


Comfort and Non-slip Mastery

Gala ensures stability, preventing any drifting on the desk. Mild cushioning provides extended wrist support, effectively reducing strain and discomfort.


Durable Companion

Withstands frequent use admirably. Easy to clean, Gala remains pristine, resists dust and dirt, making it a reliable, long-term companion.


Versatile Design Elegance

Enables various options without extra fabric. Let’s showcase, it’s your call: Heavier shades, multiple colors, different hardness, molded shapes and sizes. Enhancing your user experience with our ergo designs.


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