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Gem Gaming Glass Mouse Pad

IE12-01 Gem︱500x400mm

Gem: Illuminate Your Gaming Experience

Glow in the Dark, You are the One of a Kind

Gem absorbs light by day and watch in awe as designated areas remain luminous when night falls. Just like precious energy casting a soft glow that illuminates your path to victory.

Effortless Precision, Day and Night

Gem’s epitome of smooth matte surface, ensuring swift and precise mouse movements around the clock, even in the heat of battle.

Longevity Endurance

Indestructible. Au revoir to all worries of the killers to all kinds of mouse pads: wear, tear, water damage, unsightly stains, and drop falls. Gem stands the tests come up to your mind, providing an everlasting surface for your gaming endeavors.

Stability Base, Redefined

Keep your gameplay steady and focused. Equipped with full-surface silicone grips, Gem stays put on your desk with unwavering stability. No slips, no slides—just steadfast support for your gaming prowess.

Gem, a beacon of light in the darkness, guiding towards victory with style and grace.


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