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Glavingo Silicone ergonomic Wrist Rest


Your Life, Your Support, Your Way.

Long-Lasting Support with 100% Soft Silicone

Like a scabbard sheathing the blade of a sword, Glavingo provides a sturdy and soft support,

which enhances all-day comfort of office and gaming battlefield.

Stable as a Boulder

With Anti-slip based and 3-in-1 proof surface(Water, Oil, and Stain), no matter how you treat it, Glavingo will not sink in any dirt and clean easily.

Ergonomic Design

The Design of Glavingo follows the best slope of the general keyboard with 20mm height, 63mm width and 5.5゜sloping angle, providing superb seamless arm resting experience.

Tetris pattern Based

With unique Tetris pattern design, Glavingo wrist rest is the perfect blend of cozy, stylish, durable, and lightweight.


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