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Greeze Mouse Skates, Meet Tetra-PE

IZ05-05 [ver. 2024] | Greeze Mouse Skates

Not Only Fast, Elevate to the Unparalleled Glide with Greeze

Superior, Cleaner, Greener

Lead with Greeze—guaranteed PFAS-free, while others wretchedly comply with Europe's ECO minimum restriction. Greeze offers superior performance without harming our planet. It's cost-efficient, providing glass-level durability at a better deal."


Unrivaled Durability & Design

Greeze boasts 1,000 times the durability of PTFE, perfect for hard pads and opening up limitless design options. Experience verified up to 55% reduced abrasion loss after a 250km gliding journey.


Smoothness beyond Compare

Experience superior glide, surpassing traditional Teflon for unmatched precision and control.


Tailored Compatibility

Greeze caters to all demands, seamlessly integrating with a wide array of mouse models through precision calibration.


Crafted with Tetra-Cell, the must-have cutting-edge material trusted in military, aerospace ventures, and medical for its unparalleled durability and ultra-low friction coefficient.


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