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Scepter Gaming Mousepad


Unleash the Power of Mouse Pad

The surface texture of Scepter mouse pad is ultra-smooth and soft, with low dynamic frictional force, which combines to offer ultra-smooth and light glide and great comfort for your hand and wrist under the most vigorous movement

Extra-Soft PORON® Based, Superb Stress-Relief Cushioning

The base uses a unique PORON® foam, offers excellent cushioning for your wrist and great supporting stability for your mouse at the same time.

E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision

Like a scepter symbolizing indestructible dominion, Scepter pad surface provides extreme tracking precision that can rival the market’s most accurate hard pads

Exclusive Flat-Stitched Edge

Compared to ordinary stitched edge, E-Century's exclusive flat-stitched technology remarkably reduces uneven edge and discomfort and prevents fraying.


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