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Thermo Pro Keyboard Wrist Rest


Comfortable Resting, Feel Just Right

Innovative Graphene Heating Element

The next Gen material “Graphene” has been implemented into our heating element, which offering transcendent and instant heating experience

Redefining the Thermo-Regulation

Cooling fabric surface provides a cold texture, three-stage heating element delivers infrared heating to the surface, providing highly customize in cooling or heating depending on each situation


• Heat: 3 stages (Green: 95°F、Blue: 104°F、Red: 113°F)

• Connect: USB wired (USB-C)

• Input Voltage: DC 5V±0.15V

• Working Power: 6W

Operation Method

• Power On/Off: press power button 3 seconds

• Switch Temperature Stage: press power button when power on

Ergonomic Stress Relief

Comfortable foam reduce fatigue through intense working or gaming marathons.

Natural Rubber Anti-Slip Base

The base uses 100% natural rubber, providing great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding or unwilling movement under normal usage


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