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Twinkling Mousepad Series


Unique Glass Infused Surface

Unique glass-infused surface gives a smooth and cool touch, the laminated coating holds over time and is easy to maintain.

Ultra-Fast Glide

Starrynight surface offers low static and dynamic frictional force that allows effortless initial glide and ultra-fast glide while still providing enough stopping power for controllability.

Portable and Durable

Type C hub is portable for every party.


The anti-slip rubber base helps to be stable on the desk.

Personalized Colors with Two-Zone RGB

The personalized color setting is workable through software. Visually stunning display of 2-zone RGB dynamic illumination.

Various Light Mode

Easy to turn on / off and switch colors by pressing the button on top for eight colors of light. The light mode can be showed as Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, White and multi-automatic color change


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