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2X Cleaning Power Kit
  • 2X Cleaning Power Kit



    Alcohol & Ammonia Free Anti-Microbial

    Safe for All Types of Displays
    The cleaning kit can be safely used on all glossy and anti-glare displays, ranging from LCD TV, Plasma TV, LCD display to mobile devices and camera screens.

    The cleaning solution uses a special formula that is free of alcohol and ammonia and has shown 99.9% Staphylococcus aureus reduction and 99.9% Escherichia coli reduction under SGS lab test.


    1. Turn off device and allow to cool.
    2. Have one to two sprays of the cleaning solution on the included microfiber cloth.
    3. Gently wipe the device screen in circular motion until its clean and dry. 
    4. Store the kit under shade when not in use.
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