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3C Accy care kit combo

3C Accy care kit combo



Safe for 3C accessories


Easy to clean
Grease smudge, dirt and stain can be easily wiped off with our Plastic Cleaner.

Keeps it glossy
Not only cleans the surface, but also makes it shine.

Two-side Microfiber cleaning cloth
Gray side for cleaning up dust and grease, blue side for polishing and pushing smudges away.

Safe for 3C accessories
Available for mouse, screens, computer case, keyboard, phone case or any kind of 3C accessories.


  1. Turn off electronic devices and let cool
  2. Squeeze a bit Plastic Cleaner/Display Cleaner on the microfiber cloth, do not on device directly.
  3. Wipe the accessory until clean and dry



  • Plastic Cleaner - 60ML
  • Display Cleaner - 60ML
  • Double Sided Microfiber Cloth - 150x180mm


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