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AEGIS 3-in-1 Pro Notebook Pad
  • AEGIS 3-in-1 Pro Notebook Pad




    • Mousepad
      The pad is also an excellent mousepad that offers accurate mouse tracking.
    • Screen Protector
      The pad can be placed inside the notebook while on-the-go, letting the microfiber surface act as a screen protector.
    • Screen Cleaner
      The ultra-fine microfiber surface material is a safe and effective screen cleaner to wipe off dust and fingerprint from screen display.


    AEGIS Anti-Microbial
    AEGIS anti-microbial is implemented in the AEGIS 3-in-1 Pro notebook pad series that can destroy microbes on contact and provide protection against odor, staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms, giving you germ-free peace of mind.


    Screen Protector
    The AEGIS 3-in-1 Pro notebook pad uses silicone as its base that offers strong anti-slip strength to prevent it from slipping.


    The AEGIS 3-in-1 Pro notebook pad can be easily cleaned and washed, or thrown into a washing machine to wash and tumble-dried.

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