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Anti-Glare Paper-Like Screen Protector
  • Anti-Glare Paper-Like Screen Protector

    PC85-06︱iPad Air 4 10.9" (2020)

    PC85-07︱iPad Pro 12.9" (2020)

    PC85-08︱Surface Laptop GO (12.4")

    PC85-09︱Surface GO 2 (10.5")


    • High Clarity
    • Anti-Reflection
    • Anti-Glare
    • 3H Hardness
    • Finger Print Proof
    • Easy Installation


    Go Paperless and Take Notes Like a Pro
    Wood-free (Dowling) version paperlike screen protector delivers a true paper feel that makes note-taking a breeze.


    Unleash Your Creativity
    Nano Coated matte surface creates less light refraction, less skin bite level, high clarity, scratch resistance and fingerprint-proof that helps you discover your creative genius for igniting your genuine passion and potential.


    All Stylus Types & Face ID Support
    E-Century’s Paper-like screen protector support all types of active stylus or passive stylus. Nano coated surface could minimize the abrasion on tips and fast responding speed on Face ID.

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