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DD38︱Anukis Mousepad

DD38︱Anukis Mousepad



"All hail the Anukis” - Where you pledge your allegiance beneath her reign -Unleash the Mystical Power for Gaming Legends with E-Century’s OceanCycle Gaming Mousepad.


Embark on a journey where ancient Egyptian mystique intertwines with the pulse-pounding world of gaming. The Anukis Gaming Mousepad (OceanCycle) is your gateway to a realm where myth, vitality, and gaming prowess unite.


Eco-Warrior: 50% OceanCycle Certified Ocean Recycled Fabric

  • Tap into the life-giving essence of Anukis as you embark on your gaming odyssey! Anukis's surface fabric features 50% Ocean Bound PET bottles collected within coastlines and shores. Those once adrift and undertowed spirits are now lively, aroused with the vitality of gaming. Merging your inner power of environmental guardianship, as ancient relics in the Nile find new life, embraced by your soul."


Revolutionary Base Material: 20% Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) Certified SCR (Neoprene)

  • Embrace its transformative enchantment! Unlike conventional mousepads crafted from natural rubber, Anukis's foundational material symbolizes rebirth. Comprising 20% RCS-certified recycled SCR (Neoprene), it bestows upon you the artistry of anti-slip control and a sequence of resilient, elastic sensations, akin to the mystical forces of vitality and fertility."


Ultra-Slim Edge Stitching: Glide Uninterrupted

  • Transcend the boundaries of gaming! Anukis the Gaming Mousepad (OceanCycle) features ultra-slim edge stitching, E-Century’s exclusive Slope-Stitching Tech, creating a gateway to seamless gliding. It harmonizes with the mystical currents of the Nile, ensuring your hand glides effortlessly, undisturbed by the earthly constraints of edges.


Gaming Magic Awaits: Dive into the heart of gaming with the Anukis OceanCycle Mousepad:

  • Immerse yourself in every virtual world, as you harness the ancient vitality of Anukis.
  • Experience unparalleled precision and control, whether you're battling foes or navigating treacherous terrain.
  • Achieve gaming greatness with the eco-friendly power of the Nile coursing beneath your fingertips.


Join us on a quest where mythology, vitality, and gaming unite. Elevate your gaming experience with Anukis the Gaming Mousepad (OceanCycle) and command the mystic forces of both ancient Egypt and the digital realm with every click and swipe."


"Come, Honour Anukis's Investiture."

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