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Arcane Keyboard Dampener

Arcane Keyboard Dampener

GT01-01 Arcane Keyboard Dampener, Gateway to Silent Mastery


Arcane, Gateway to Silent Mastery

1. Overview

1-1. Highlights

  • The silent virtuoso for gaming mastery reduces keystroke noises and vibrations.

  • Designed for true gaming maestros who sculpt their gaming environments with perfection.


1-2. What’s in the Box

  • Arcane keyboard dampener with Alpha-Cell® technology.


1-3. Tech Specs

  • Efficient noise reduction with Alpha-Cell® technology.


2. Manufacturer Information

2-1. Part Number

  • GT01-01 Arcane Keyboard Dampener


2-2. Material/Ingredient

  • Alpha-Cell® technology


2-3. Remark

  • No adhesives for a hassle-free installation.

  • Provides a bouncy touch with high-efficiency noise reduction.

  • Suitable for hot-swappable or soldered keyboards.

  • No unwarranted damage to the PCB board.

  • Available seamlessly to any customized/assigned keyboard layout.

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