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Ares Gaming Mousepad
  • Ares Gaming Mousepad



    Water-Resistant Treatment
    The surface of mouse pad has water resistant treatment. The treatment is like a shield which can be against the spilling beverages on the mouse pad.

    Surface Pattern Optimized for Gaming
    The Plain woven pattern is the highly intensed structure. The intensed pattern delivers maximum gliding speed and control on both longitude and latitude. In addition, the plain woven pattern is tough and rock-steady provides the best accuracy and great stability.

    Exclusive Flat Stitched Edge Technology
    E-Century's exclusive technology provides the flat stitched edges. It can increase the comfort and dismiss scratching on wrist.

    Ultra Anti-Slip Nature Rubber
    Natural, EVA free and non-toxic nature rubber is added to the bottom for keeping the best stability in your fiercest battles.

    Custom Colored Deign
    Create your own exclusive design. Usually the water resistant treatment will be degraded after the color printing. CORDURA® HP technology will keep two functions, color printing and water resistant, as well.

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