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Beaver Mouse Skin

Beaver Mouse Skin

IZ16 Beaver Mouse Skin


Beaver, Grippier, Smoother, Softer, Nicer Texture, and you would not be able to tell the grip is even there.


Luxurious Texture, Personal Style

Beaver elevates gaming with its leather-like texture showcasing personal style.


Extended Lifespan, Effortless Adjustment

Enjoy long gaming sessions with Beaver's premium materials and easy adjustment, leaving no residue upon removal.


Exceptional water absorption, Stay Cool, Stay Focused:

Mind hand is sweaty as f? Beaver helps a lot! Intense battles with Beaver's surpassing leading anti-slip grip tapes by over 12X, ensuring a refreshing grip even amidst the fiercest gaming moments.


Precision Grip, Ultimate Control

Beaver's superior anti-slip effectiveness enhances precision in intense gaming sessions.


Comfort & Sleekness Combined

Ultra-thin profile, seamlessly integrating with your beloved mouse's design for enhanced grip comfort without compromising its original feel.


REACH & ROHS Compliant

Crafted from materials ensuring safety and eco-friendliness in every gaming adventure.

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