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Bio mousepad
  • Bio mousepad



    Save Earth Together
    General plastic can take 450 years to bio-degrade in the ocean, our fabric is mixed with Biosphere technology which could expedite degrading speed to a year. Besides, our foaming base is also bio-degradable and passes ASTM D6400. It can crumble into the soil with no toxic and won’t affect any growth of plant.

    Eco-Friendly Fabric Surface with Superb mouse Compatibility
    Greensphere mouse pad supports all kinds of mouse with E-sport grade tracking performance, helps you enhance working efficiency.

    Highest standard of Eco-Friendly Anti-Slip Base
    High-taste design textured foaming base could prevent any slipping possibility during any wild movement condition. It also meets the highest standard of OEKO-TEX® standard 100 for baby articles.

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