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PC109︱Blue Light Cut Screen Filter
  • PC109︱Blue Light Cut Screen Filter

    PC109-01|iPad 10.2"

    PC109-02|iPad Air 10.9"

    PC109-03|iPad mini 8.3"


    Innovative Film Surface

    E-Century’s best selling paper screen protector, now with Blue Light Cut. Expertly designed for iPad users.


    Blue light cut

    The filter can cut most of the harmful blue light. Reduce eyestrain and headache. Give you a better sleeping. Anti-Blue Light blocking between 410nm~470nm for wide range HEV protection.


    Paper Texture

    An excellent protective PET film specifically for those who like writing and drawing pictures with the Apple Pencil. The rough texture provides an optimized amount of friction for long drawing sessions and perfect stroke resistance for accuracy.



    Providing best anti-glare screen anytime, anywhere! Special AG coating minimizes light reflection.


    Bubble-free Design

    The innovative "airless" design and silicone skin uses a self-adsorption adhesion that lets you remove air and bubbles even after installing.


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