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Copper Fiber Mousepad
  • Copper Fiber Mousepad



    Rejuvenates And Revives Your Body.

    Our Copper Fiber Mousepads use specialized copper fiber fabric that releases copper ions that can weaken the outer membrane of bacteria cells through oxidation, causing bacteria cells to rupture and die off, giving our pads antimicrobial and self-disinfection properties.

    The copper fiber fabric inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi and other microorganisms, therefore enhancing our pads with anti-odor characteristic.

    Being an excellent electrical conductor, copper can effectively dissipate electrical charges resulted from friction between non-conductive materials, offering a safe and static-free working environment.

    Anti-Slip Design
    The base of the mousepads uses EVA-free and non-toxic natural rubber that firmly grabs onto surface to prevent accidental slips.

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