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Defy Mousepad
  • Defy Mousepad



    5 % coffee extract with coffee aroma


    S.Café® Fabrics
    S.Café ® technology combines the post patented processed grounds and polymer to create master batches, which are processed into yarn and fabric for product manufacturing.

    Odor Control
    Comparing to cotton, S.Café® mousepad sustainable technology provides 3x more odor control.

    S. Café® fabric is produced from coffee grounds left behind from coffee brewing, making it an eco-friendly material that helps protect our environment and Earth.

    Fast Drying
    S. Café® mousepads is capable of continually absorbing moisture from your skin and spreading the moisture across the mousepad surface for faster drying process, offering your hand a dry and soothing mouse operation always.

    Cool Touch
    S. Café® mousepads provides a nice cool touch by lowering the temperature of your skin by 1 to 2°C, giving you a cool sensation.

    Exclusive Flat Stitched Edges
    Unlike most other mousepads with stitched edge, our exclusive flat stitched edge technology helps keep the mousepads evenly flat around the edge, preventing discomfort during operation.

    Anti-Slip Design
    The base of the wrist pads uses EVA-free and non-toxic natural rubber that firmly grabs onto surface to prevent accidental slips.

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