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Detachable 2 Way Privacy Film
  • Detachable 2 Way Privacy Film


    PC95-02︱iPhoneSE (2020)

    PC95-03︱iPAD mini 7.9

    PC95-04︱iPAD 10.2

    PC95-05︱iPAD Air 4 10.9

    PC95-06︱iPAD Pro 11

    PC95-07︱iPAD Pro 12.9

    PC95-08︱iPAD Air 3 10.5

    PC95-09︱iPAD mini 8.3


    Protects your eyes from blue light
    Blocks over 38% blue light from screens.

    Allows no viewing outside the 60-degree viewing angle.

    2-Way Privacy
    Black out effective from left to right.

    Easy to apply
    Attachments include side mount tabs and adhesive strips for users’ preference.

    Matte surface reduces glare and shows no fingerprints and careless scuff.

    Raw material from LG
    Specially developed material is chosen to make the best performance.


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