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IA134︱Eden Gaming Mousepad
  • IA134︱Eden Gaming Mousepad

    IA134 Eden︱490x420mm

    Eden –Step into the Lush Realm of Gaming Perfection


    Refreshing Surface

    Dive into divine ambiance and soothing texture, elevating every gaming session to celestial heights with a shimmering effect.


    Uninterrupted Bliss

    Eden's smooth-touch surface and E-Century's Alpha-Cell base provide comforting and bouncy cushioning for extended play sessions.


    Alpha-Cell Grip Base

    With a 3.5mm Alpha-Cell base, Eden ensures unparalleled stability and control, enabling smooth and precise mouse movements.


    Elegant Aesthetics

    Enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with Eden’s edge- Slope stitching arcs, adding delicate touches to its ruthless durability.


    Experience Eden's celestial gaming sanctuary, now even more alluring and enchanting.

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