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EyesGuard+ Anti-Microbial Blue Light Cut Screen Filter
  • EyesGuard+ Anti-Microbial Blue Light Cut Screen Filter


    PC100-02|iPad Air 4 10.9"

    PC100-03|iPad Air 3 10.5"

    PC100-04|Surface Laptop Go 12.4"


    Innovative Antimicrobial Film Surface
    Different to normal antimicrobial film or spray, it is perfectly effective on gram-negative (E. coli、K. pneumoniae、P. aeruginosa) and gram-positive (S. aureus) bacteria [antimicrobial activity (R) > 5]


    TÜV RPF15 Certification

    Meets the TÜV retina protection standards, luminance reduction rate ≤ 20% and CCT change ≤ 250K.


    Retina Guardian
    According to ICNIRP guideline on limits of exposure to visible light, 415nm - 460nm blue light has a higher hazard function to eyes, E-Century’s screen filter can protect your eyes with 63% reduction rate from toxic blue light [380nm - 460nm].


    Screen Shield
    EyesGuard+ not only filters harmful blue light from your devices, 3H hardness with 105° contact angle surface protects your screen from scratches, dirt and oil.


    Clear Vision
    EyesGuard+ offers bright and clear transmit