EyesGuard+ Anti-Microbial Blue Light Cut Screen Filter

EyesGuard+ Anti-Microbial Blue Light Cut Screen Filter



Innovative Antimicrobial Film Surface
Different to normal antimicrobial film or spray, it is perfectly effective on gram-negative (E. coli、K. pneumoniae、P. aeruginosa) and gram-positive (S. aureus) bacteria [antimicrobial activity (R) > 5]


TÜV RPF15 Certification

Meets the TÜV retina protection standards, luminance reduction rate ≤ 20% and CCT change ≤ 250K.


Retina Guardian
According to ICNIRP guideline on limits of exposure to visible light, 415nm - 460nm blue light has a higher hazard function to eyes, E-Century’s screen filter can protect your eyes with 63% reduction rate from toxic blue light [380nm - 460nm].


Screen Shield
EyesGuard+ not only filters harmful blue light from your devices, 3H hardness with 105° contact angle surface protects your screen from scratches, dirt and oil.


Clear Vision
EyesGuard+ offers bright and clear transmittance over 75% with less than 10% low haze performance, allowing you to view your screen with beautifully vivid color.


Easy to USE
Choose general adhesive tape on the monitor or patent FLIP hanger for easy install and removal.