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EyesGuard Mobile Blue Light Cut Screen Filter
  • EyesGuard Mobile Blue Light Cut Screen Filter

    PC90-01︱iPad Pro 11

    PC90-02︱iPAD mini 7.9

    PC90-03︱iPAD 10.2

    PC90-04︱iPAD Air 4 10.9

    PC90-05︱iPAD Pro 12.9

    PC90-06︱iPhone 11

    PC90-07︱iPhone SE2


    Retina Guardian
    According to ICNIRP guideline on limits of exposure to visible light, 415nm - 460nm blue light has a hazardous impact on human eyes, E-Century’s screen filter can protect your eyes with 63% reduction rate from harmful blue light [380nm - 460nm].

    TÜV RPF15 Certification
    Meets the TÜV retina protection standards, luminance reduction rate ≤ 20% and CCT change ≤ 250K

    Screen Shield
    EyesGuard not only filters harmful blue light from your devices, the 2H hardness film also protects your screen from scratches.

    Clear Vision
    EyesGuard offers bright and clear transmittance of over 75%, allowing you to see beautifully vivid color on your screen.

    Easy to USE
    Choose general adhesive tape on the monitor or patented FLIP hanger for easy install and removal.


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