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Feline Gaming Mousepad
  • Feline Gaming Mousepad




    Customizable surface
    The surface can be easily customized with sublimation (heat transfer) graphics and silk printing.

    Extreme durability & water repellency
    Cordura® fabric is well-known for its extreme durability and high resistance against abrasion and tearing. The surface also provides repellency against water, allowing it to resist stain.

    A perfect fusion of speed & control
    The Cordura® Feline has medium-low static frictional force with low dynamic frictional force that offers a great balance between fast and smooth gliding and precise controlled movement. At the same time, the surface offers slightly higher frictional force across Y-axis, allowing for more stable and controllable in-game panning movement.

    Gaming-grade tracking precision
    The Cordura® hybrid surface offers high tracking precision that accurately translates every tiny movement of your mouse.

    Anti-slip rubber base
    The base of the mousepad uses a 3mm layer of natural rubber that offers great anti-slip characteristic in the heat of battles.


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