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IA72︱Great White Gaming Mousepad
  • IA72︱Great White Gaming Mousepad




    High-performance water repellent
    The surface of the Great White is treated with special nano-coating that offers outstanding water repellency, so you never need to worry about drink spillage.

    Fast & light glide;Superb stopping power
    The Great White offers very low dynamic frictional force that provides fast and light glide, and medium static frictional force that provides great stopping power when needed, making the Great White a fusion between traditional “speed” and “control” pads, giving players both speedy glide and great control.

    Gaming-grade tradking precision
    The weaving of the Great White offers superior tracking capability that allows your every movement to be accurately interpreted in-game.

    Customizable graphic
    The surface graphic can be customized to give your pad the personality you desire.

    Anti-Slip base
    The base uses 100% natural rubber, providing great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under the wildest mouse movement.



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