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IA132︱Hana Gaming Mousepad
  • IA132︱Hana Gaming Mousepad

    IA132 Hana︱490x420mm

    Hana - Quick Glide & Noticeable Stopping Power, Revealing Your Heart


    Refreshingly Comfortable

    Boasting a unique textured surface, Hana offers a lasting refreshing feel for those marathon gaming sessions.


    Effortless Precision and Control

    The ultimately perfect balance between swift gliding and remarkable stopping power.


    Unrivaled Stability

    Alpha-Cell prevails with the highest anti-slip performance, even during the most intense battles, remaining flat for years on end.


    Perpetually Pristine

    E-Century's exclusive Stitching ensures Hana stays immaculate, with a clean and tidy appearance that lasts.



    Hana's vibrant color fabric surface stands out, adding flair to your gaming setup.


    Hana. Get ready to dominate the battlefield with unparalleled control and style.

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