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IA141︱Hana+ Gaming Mousepad
  • IA141︱Hana+ Gaming Mousepad

    IA141 Hana+︱490x420mm

    Hana+, Defy Gravity & Unleash Your Full Potential 


    Soar to New Heights

    Experience the anti-gravity sensation of EC's cutting-edge surface for exceptional cruising. The same effort spent on other pads can yield multiple victories with Hana+.


    Break Free from Limits

    Propel beyond the ordinary with Hana+ revolutionary textured surface, delivering a crisp, refreshing feel.


    Effortless Precision

    The unbeatable balance blended by cushioning base and swift surface, boosting marvelous anti-fatigue performance for longer play.


    Unyielding Stability

    Alpha-Cell tech ensures maximum anti-slip performance. Hana+ remains flat and steady, even during intense battles.


    Dazzling Aesthetics

    Hana+ vibrant red surface adds bold flair to your gaming environment.


    Hana+. Defy the limits, elevate your game, and dominate the battlefield. Manifest your instincts and take no more second guessing!



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