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Hanging type privacy filter
  • Hanging type privacy filter

    PC81-01︱14" Universal Laptop

    PC81-02︱14" Universal Laptop

    PC81-03︱15.6" Universal Laptop


    Easy to Hang On and Take Off
    Easy to hang on and take off your monitor without any hassle, adhesives or slide-mount tabs.

    Rotating Lens Cap
    Specially designed to protect your privacy by giving you the option of covering your camera.

    60° Privacy Angle
    Angles exceeding 60 degrees will be blocked to ensure privacy.

    Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch Technology
    Surface has matte finish to maximize glare reduction and ensures comfortable view for users.

    Protection for Your Eyes
    Filtering out over 38% harmful blue light from screen, offering protection for yours eyes.

    High Screen Clarity
    Our privacy filters are brighter and clearer than other solutions with over 72% transmittance level. Provides excellent view on the screen.

    Less than 1mm slim design to ensure perfect cover when closing the computer.

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