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IA84︱Hunter Gaming Mousepad
  • IA84︱Hunter Gaming Mousepad




    Light Glide; Precise Control; Superb Stopping Power
    The Hunter pad’s texture is smooth, offers mid-low  dynamic frictional force, which combine to offer controllable initial glide and great stopping power, so you can easily brake from high gliding speed for that precise headshot.

    Unrivaled Stress-Relief Anti-Slip Base
    The base uses an unique PU foam that offers great cushioning for your wrist while supporting stability for your mouse at the same time. The base can also stick to your desk surface, eliminating any possibility to slip under the fiercest movement.

    E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision
    Like a wolf under sheep skin, under the smooth and soft fabric appearance, the tracking surface of the Hunter pad provides extreme tracking precision that can rival the market’s most accurate hard pads!

    Exclusive Flat-Stitched Edge
    Compared to ordinary stitched edge, E-Century's exclusive flat-stitched technology remarkably reduces uneven edge and discomfort as well as prevents fraying. 

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