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Hyper Glide Gaming Mousepad
  • Hyper Glide Gaming Mousepad



    World's Fastest Hard-surface Pad

    Customizable Graphic
    The surface graphic can be customized to give your pad the personality you desire.

    Ultra-Fast Glide
    The Hyper Glide offers very low static and dynamic frictional force that is unrivaled even against traditional hard surface mouse pads. The low friction allows for effortless initial glide and ultra-fast glide while still providing enough stopping power for controllability.

    E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision
    Like most hard surface plastic-based gaming pads, the Hyper Glide offers extreme sensor tracking precision, but much less gliding noise than plastic-based pads.

    The Hyper Glide surface uses a unique material called the rich mineral paper, which is not only eco-friendly, but also waterproof on the surface and capable of retaining rich and beautiful colors.

    Anti-Slip Base
    The base uses 100% natural rubber, providing great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under the wildest mouse movement.

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