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IA130︱Kita Gaming Mousepad
  • IA130︱Kita Gaming Mousepad

    IA130 Kita︱490x420mm

    Kita: Redefining Gaming Excellence 


    Kita sets the standard for quality, performance, and comfort in gaming mouse pads. 

    Tasteful Branding and Clean Stitching

    Designed with attention to detail, Kita features tasteful branding and clean stitching, ensuring long-lasting durability and a sleek appearance.


    Smooth Glide for Precision

    Enjoy a smooth glide with Kita, perfect for executing quick flicks and precise tracking. Its rougher fibers also provide reliable stopping power when needed.


    High Anti-Slip Bottom

    Kita boasts a high anti-slip bottom with Alpha-Cell, ensuring stability even during intense gaming sessions, preventing any unwanted shifts or movement.


    Anti-Static Functionality

    With its anti-static feature, Kita helps prevent the generation of static electricity during use, reducing the accumulation of surface dust and debris.


    Hybrid Comfort Cushioning

    Experience the perfect blend of comfort and control with Kita's cushioning, providing a hybrid feel that enhances your gaming experience.


    Kita stands as the paradigm of ideal balance, offering unparalleled quality and performance for gamers seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

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