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    Colorful Printing Pattern & Better Control for Your Mouse


    Colorful Printing Pattern, Superb Firm Grip Performance
    Koloro mouse grip supports colorful printing with no impact of touch feeling and anti-slip strength, allowing players to customize the overall style of the mouse grip and enhancing them with better control under the fiercest movement.

    Ultra-Thin Profile
    The Mouse Skin measures less than 0.5mm, allowing it to blend discreetly on your mouse, without causing any operational discomfort. The edge of the Mouse Skin can also be rounded off to give even better grip comfort.

    High Durability
    The PU material has excellent resistance against hydrolysis and abrasion, giving it great durability.

    REACH-Compliant Material
    The Mouse Skin uses REACH-compliant and solvent-free PU material that is safe & eco-friendly.

    Residue-Free Adhesive
    The adhesive uses 3M® 468MP adhesive, which allows for repeated sticking and peeling-off during application, so you could make adjustment to ensure the skin application is perfect. The adhesive also leaves no residue behind when you need to replace the skin later.

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