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Greeze Mouse Skates, Meet Tetra-PE

Greeze Mouse Skates, Meet Tetra-PE

IZ05-05  | Greeze Mouse Skates


Glide Smarter, Game Better:

Revel in remarkable low friction and outstanding durability with Lore.


Curved Elegance, Glide with Ease, Stay Pristine

Crafted edges prevent all snags and scratches, ensuring Lore's smooth, enduring glideness across all your favorite mousepads.


Unrivaled Durability, Limitless Design Potential

Calling all mouse pad users, especially those on glass: Lore offers durability 1000 times superior to PTFE material*, unlocking unprecedented potential for profits and designs compared to ceramic options."


* Testing Methods: JIS K 7218 [for Sliding Wear Resistance of Plastics]

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