MAIZE gaming mousepad
  • MAIZE gaming mousepad



    Sorona® fabric help save the earth
    Sorona® MAIZE Gaming Mousepad is made from 37% plant-based ingredients, the eco-friendy Sorona® polymer passes USDA-certified help reduce the dependence on oil and petrochemicals. Compared to nylon, Sorona® polymer uses 30% less energy and generate 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

    Fast Glide and Superb Stopping Power
    The low static frictional force with low dynamic frictional force offers Sorona® MAIZE Gaming Mousepad a great balance between fast and smooth gliding and precise controlled movement.

    E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision
    Gaming grade surface offers high tracking precision that accurately translates every tiny movement of your mouse.

    Non-Slip Rubber Base
    Natural rubber provides great anti-slip strength that prevents any accidental sliding under the wildest mouse movement.