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Prairie lizard Mousepad
  • Prairie lizard Mousepad



    Perfectly Flat & Sturdy
    A fusion between fabric and plastic pads that offers sturdy durability and perfect flatness across different surfaces.

    More Than Meets the Eye
    The smooth-to-the-touch tracking surface is not simply just a prestigious premium fabric! It is implemented with the Aegis anti-microbial technology that destroys microbes on contact and provides protection against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. 

    Innovative Low-Profile Edge Design
    The Prairie lizard is produced using a special extra thin low-profile process that keeps the edge hinder-free for hand movement and cable-drag.

    Honey-Comb Anti-Grip Base 
    The base uses premium PU with honey-comb design texture to provide not only superb anti-slip friction, but also prestigious aesthetic. 

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