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IE11︱Sheen Gaming Glass Mouse Pad
  • IE11︱Sheen Gaming Glass Mouse Pad

    IE11-01 Sheen︱500x400mm

    Sheen: Radiate Your Style


    Holo Chromatic Dazzling Brilliance, Unleash Your Shine

    Sheen captivates with its Holo-Chromatic Dazzling Brilliance, achieved through special ink technology and a mesmerizing chromatic effect. Watch as it transforms your space into a shimmering showcase of style and sophistication.


    Holo-Chromatic– Effortless, Brilliance and Precisions

    Sheen's smooth matte surface, wholly ensuring swift and precise mouse movements, even in the heat of battle.


    Endurance Redefined

    Built to last, Sheen standing strong against wear, tear, spills, and drops. Bid farewell to worries about durability.


    Base with Stability Perfected or your every move

    Equipped with full-surface silicone grips base, Sheen stays firmly anchored to your desk, providing unwavering stability for your gaming prowess. No slips, no slides—just steadfast support for your every move.


    Sheen, Your Destined Radiant Display of Prowess and Style.

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