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DD42︱Tallis Mouse Pad
  • DD42︱Tallis Mouse Pad

    DD42 Tallis︱220x180mm

    Tallis: The Era-Changing Office Mousepad Crafted with Mugwort


    Tallis: The Era-Changing Office Mousepad Crafted with Mugwort

    Tallis’s Base blend of Mugwort and Microform, (25% of GRS certified recycled material) boasting the ideal hardness of 20-25 degrees. The base, a vibrant herbal Green with visible grass fibers, emits the fresh fragrance of Mugwort, instilling a sense of safety and spiritual purity.


    Tallis’s herbal Cloth’s ingenuity is originated from the crafted, the mesmerizing chartreuse color as well as its opulent scent of sanctuary. Thanks to the Mugwort infusion. Shall we experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Feel the soothing, mind-calming effect as mouse gliding upon this comfortably chartreuse palace.


    The magic recipe: 3mm base of Mugwort Microform, topped with a surface of Mugwort cloth through heat transfer printing, all neatly finished with flat stitching around the edges.


    Tallis – a name derived from the Mugwort-associated Talisman "Talis," signifying peace and purification. Distinguishing, so great, so excellent, carrying the meaning of brightness and flourishing. Now, one more time, why Tallis? Why not? It's the epitome of excellence in office mousepads – and that's Tallis, or should I say, perfection!

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