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Templa Laptop Skin, Original Ore, Marvelous Marble

Templa Laptop Skin, Original Ore, Marvelous Marble

HJ01︱ Templa Laptop Skin


Redefining Elegance with Innovative Composite Stone!


1. Overview

1-1. Highlights

  • Ultra-Thin Marvel: Immerse yourself in opulence with a marvel of 1mm thickness. Templa Laptop Skin exuding luxury, translucency, and flexibility for unparalleled sophistication.

  • Easy Maintenance Magic: Indulge in effortless luxury; The laptop skin can be treated to repel dust and dirt, Templa demands nothing but a graceful wipe to restore its pristine elegance.

  • Aesthetic Wonders: Unveil a world of aesthetic wonders as Templa's ultra-thin matte finish faithfully reproduces the texture, color, and tactile essence of natural marbles, adding an unmatched aesthetic and decorative allure to your space.

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation: Elevate your lifestyle sustainably with Templa, crafted from natural materials, devoid of harmful substances, exemplifying a commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Templa Lifestyle: More than a product, it's a refined lifestyle choice, where structure, customization, and professionalism intertwine seamlessly.


1-2. Tech Specs

  • Material: A breakthrough in luxury—1mm thick composite stone material crafted from marble.

  • Finish: The ultra-thin surface boasts a natural matte finish, enhancing the ambiance of opulence.

  • Traceless On-and-Off: Worry not of annoying residue. Engineered for clean detachment, Templa leaving no trace behind.


2. Manufacturer Information

2-1. Part Number

  • HJ01 Templa Laptop Skin


2-2. Material:

  • Exclusivity defined: Innovative composite stone material, meticulously fashioned from a 1mm thick layer of marble.


2-3. Remark

  • Templa epitomizes luxury with its ultra-thin design and innovative composite stone material.

  • A surface treatment that elevates maintenance to a graceful ritual, ensuring enduring elegance.

  • A commitment to eco-friendly sophistication, Templa stands as a testament to luxury with a conscience.

  • Embrace a lifestyle where customization and professionalism seamlessly align—Templa, where luxury meets legacy.

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