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IA128︱Thoth  Gaming Mousepad
  • IA128︱Thoth Gaming Mousepad

    IA128 Thoth︱490x420mm

    Unveil the Divine Power of Thoth: Your Gateway to Gaming Mastery


    Ascend to Divine Comfort:

    The unparalleled comfort during extended gaming sessions with Naneo base material, ensuring long-term resilience without sacrificing softness. Forsaking the soft touch worthy of a god? Say no more.


    Unleash Omniscient Control

    Harness the omniscient control of Thoth's fabric, granting unwavering stability and precision along the XY axis, empowering you to reign supreme in your gaming realm.


    Ensures Gaming Immortality

    Amalgamated with the precision and divine flat stitching edge, guarantees unmatched durability and seamless performance, guiding you on your epic gaming odyssey.

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