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IA139︱Zen Gaming Mousepad
  • IA139︱Zen Gaming Mousepad

    IA139 Zen︱490x420mm

    Zen - Thrilled, Centering to Your Daily Gameplay 


    Consistent XY-Axis Performance

    Zen offers unparalleled consistency in XY-axis performance, ensuring precise and accurate movements every time you game,


    Balanced Comfort and Control

    With a hardness of 15-16, Zen provides the ideal blend of ergonomic support and responsive feedback, perfect for long gaming sessions or intense battles.


    Hexagon Patterned Base

    Featuring the Alpha-Cell Gent Prime hexagon patterned base, Zen offers exceptional taste and extraordinary anti-slip capability.


    Noble Aesthetics

    Enjoy a superior gaming experience with Zen’s Slope stitching edge, adding delicate touches to its long-lasting durability.


    Zen, Unlock Your Full Gaming Potential Like Never Before.

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