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IA133︱Zeta Gaming Mousepad
  • IA133︱Zeta Gaming Mousepad

    IA133 Zeta︱490x420mm



    Great Stopping Power; Great Control

    Perfect for securing those crucial headshots, the quickest transitions between movements and precise aiming.


    Top-tier Tracking Precision

    Texture combined with ultra-smooth and soft, accomplishing tracking and delivering unparalleled precision.


    Unrivaled Stability

    The world's highest anti-slip performance. It remains steadfast even during the most intense gaming sessions, staying flat for years on end.


    Perpetually Pristine

    Thanks to E-Century's exclusive Stitching, Zeta maintains its immaculate appearance, ensuring a clean and tidy look that lasts.


    Eyes to Your Heart

    Zeta's vibrant surface adds an element of passion, energy, and boldness to your gaming setup, capturing the essence of your gaming spirit.



    "Zeta - Gameplay Dominator with Unmatched Precision & Agility, Leaving Your Mark on Every Match."

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