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IA126︱Zone Gaming Mousepad
  • IA126︱Zone Gaming Mousepad


    Zone - Thrilled, Centering to Your Daily Gameplay


    Consistent XY-Axis Performance Balanced

    Zone offers unparalleled consistency in XY-axis performance, ensuring precise and accurate movements every time you game.


    Enhanced Speed with Skin Soothing

    With Gen2, the Zorotex B, Zone provides ultra-smooth movements, making it the smoothest choice among existing speed pads. The skin-friendly touch enhances both comfort and speed.


    Elevated Support

    With a higher-support hardness of 31±5 degrees Alpha-Cell Gen1 Prime base, Zone is your ideal backbone whether you're racing against time or in the heat of competition.


    Champ with Superior Stability 

    Zone’s gloss finish Alpha-Cell base offers superior grip on the desk, recognized as Tier0 worldwide, ensuring exceptional stability during intense gameplay.


    Noble Aesthetics 

    The dream combo—Zone combines slope stitching, anti-slip, and enhanced support. Sleek and durable. Long-lasting performance and a clean, tidy look are assured.


    Zone - Devour the Sensation of Timeless Rave, Be Liberated from all Limitations

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