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"Voila!" Screen Revive Serum

ZB06 _ "Voila!" Screen Revive Serum

Just about 2,617 times a day, it's the frequency of our daily handling phones.

With Screen Revie, E-Century Offers more: Combatting Bacteria, Smudges.

Your weapon of choice, Elevate your experience.


1-1. Highlights

 Silky Smooth Performance: Elevates speed by up to 170%, ideal for swiping.

 Antibacterial Power: Eliminates over 99% of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli.

 Alcohol-Free Formula: Tough on grime, gentle on devices, ensures clarity.

 Anti-Static Afterglow: Resists dust, maintaining a cleaner screen.

1-2. Tech Specs

 Vicious Cycle Eliminator: Reduces cleaning frequency and time.

 Reduces Cleaning Frequency: Keeps devices’ pristine.

 Speeds Up Cleaning Time: Efficient and quick cleaning process.

 Ultimate Touch Experience: Boosts touchscreen sensitivity.

 Enhanced Wear Resistance: Guards against scratches, reduces friction.

 Diminished Optical Scatter: Increases light transmittance for brighter, energy-efficient devices.

 Solvent-Free, Fragrance-Free: Creates a protective layer.

1-3. What’s in the Box

 Voila Screen Cleaner Kit. 15ml

 Hyper-Fabric cleaning cloth*1

Manufacturer Information

2-1. Part Number:

VC01-01 Voila Screen Cleaner Kit

"Voila!" – Clean Should Mean Brilliant!


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