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Sera Seamless Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

PC116-01 Sera Seamless Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

Sera "Seamless Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector" for 2022 MacBook Air 13.6"

Introducing our innovative "Seamless Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector" - Sera! Bid farewell to the traditional design with additional magnetic attachments, and embrace the elimination of gaps between the protector and your device. With our cutting-edge production technique, the magnetic structure seamlessly integrates into the "Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector," ensuring a perfect fit and marking a new era of seamless protection, all while upholding our commitment to quality.

Key Features:

Enhanced Visual Clarity:

Revel in over 67% light transmittance and up to 98% UV protection. This screen protector not only maintains the brightness of your display but also safeguards your eyes from harmful blue light.

Anti-Blue Light Protection:

Rigorously "tested with blue light test cards," it effectively resists blue light, reducing eye fatigue during prolonged use.


Material: AG PET + Iron Sheet + BLCPET

Size: 300.05*197.75mm

Thickness: 330um

Choose Sera the "Seamless Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector" to elevate your screen protection experience. The seamless integration ensures a perfect fit, providing exceptional visual clarity, and taking your MacBook Air to the next level while delivering peace of mind with its blue light protection.


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